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Thursday, August 05, 2004

I've been mulling over creating this post ever since I first began posting. This may very well be my last post, I don't seem to have the time anymore.
It hurts me when... I see A and B together.
I don't know why, I've accepted it and should move on but it's hard to see it. I guess it's just something I'll have to deal with. Sometimes it hurts just to see A. I know I should deal and move on, but I can't help feeling that they mean alot to me and in some ways they do. So I endure this existence which is something that is not a friend but more a participant, someone who is there when others aren't, to fill a void, yet I am an ill fit, a square peg trying to fit in a round hole. It seems odd to me that I can disregard others with out a second thought, yet somehow I am attracted like a moth to the flame with this person. I no longer want to pursue an intimate relationship, and the awkwardness I suffer as a "friend" leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Perhaps it is their power, their ability to make themselves wanted. That little bit of attention is addictive, it makes me crave more, without it I can feel off for days. Perhaps B has fallen into a similar trap, perhaps not, who knows but the two of us? In any case, I am tired. I don't want to feel like nothing in their eyes anymore. It's ridiculous to think that I mean nothing to this person, then again perhaps not. They play their cards very close to their chest, maybe to protect themselves? or maybe it is something more sinister, a soul designed for consumption. I want no part of it, but I am not angry. It is my fault more than anyone elses, like a man who plays with fire, it is almost certain that he will get burned. Such is the way with A, it is in their nature to burn, so who is to blame? the fire or the man who sticks his hand in willingly? Better to have nothing to do with fire, one might say. Yet, fire has the power to keep us warm, comfort us and light the way when it is dark. Something that appears so simple, is often more complex than we ever imagined.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Welcome adventurers to a new edition of "Adventure Steve". Last time we left our hero he had the monumental challenge of learning a number of courses in a few hours. "Oh no Steve! how ever are you going to accomplish soooo much in such a short amount of time?",
"With a little bit of elbow grease and alot of luck".
Success! all subjects passed, nothing to fear! Insert tune to "Defenders of the Earth" here: Put to the test, pages to summarise, reading and writing until the sunriiiiiiiiiise - Steve!

And so began the legend that was holidays-
Jump in the car and drive..... driving......driving......driving. There it is, on the horizon! Dubbo! place of conflicted feelings at once a love and hate relationship with my home town. Emotions bubble over, I am about to see the Stov.
Huzzah! a good time is had, watch alot of pay TV while Stov is at work, the next thing I know Kirro is on holidays and then I somehow end up driving her EVERYWHERE ;) (no problems Kirro, it was cool). And so begins the stretch of 21st celebrations. And so began the legendary battle of Steve's car versus the sharp rocks. It was in this battle that Steve's car was damaged and the brave warrior Steve sought high and low for a new muffler, otherwise he would not be able to drive anymore.

Woodwork class 101:
The key to a beautiful piece of furniture you can display with pride in your home is the timber you use. An important tip, run down to your local hardware store and see what selection of timber they have before drawing up your original design, you may find your design will be very difficult, if not impossible to make with the selection of timber they have available.
When your happy with your selection, wink at the sales assistant, you never know, they may just give you a discount ;)
Once home, scrounge around in your garage, or someone else's for the tools you will need to construct your awaiting masterpiece. A tip for those who want to build a table like a real man: Use only a rusty saw, glue a hammer and some nails and before your start have a few beers, this will help you to relax and make the necessary cuts with precision and ease.
Begin by cutting your timber into pieces small enough for you to work with. If you feel you do not have enough timber - make the legs a little bit smaller, you can attribute the relatively low height of the piece to an oriental/minimalist influence - This will make you sound like an artist, not just some yuppie who decided to build a table.
Once your pieces are all the correct size and shape, glue them together. Preferably you would like to go down to the store for glue at this stage. It's a nice time filler and makes you appreciate the effort that goes into building a table.
After all your pieces are glued together, it's time to do some hammering. Find a nice flat sturdy surface, this could be as simple as a big piece of lumber in your backyard. It's not necessary to measure and align the position on the nails, just estimate, trust yourself ;) you know what you're doing.
Leave over-night and then drive to another town, taking your piece and the necessary pieces needed to complete the piece with you. Scrounge around for tools where you're staying and once you have the necessary equipment, go down and pick yourself a tape measure. You may not need it, but you'll look more professional.
have a go at attempting to cut some more wood and when you're finished glue this together. The uneven edges and mismatched parts can be filed down to size later.
Drive to another town and when you get there wait a couple of days before completing your piece.
Put the legs on the piece by using a pair of pliers to hammer your nails into place (just to mix it up a bit and you never know when you may need to use this in place of a hammer! I certainly have!).
Sanding and lacquering is for wimps, the raw wood will give your piece an original and brutish charm.
There you have it,
                                 See you all next time - Steve.

PS - Stovs party rocked, I was a bartender and got in trouble for getting Stov too bloind.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The floor I live on at college has a resident "human basher". This is a person, who defends the rights of animals tooth and nail and has stated her hatred for human beings. Just today, in-fact 20 minutes ago, she stated that she would rather be a Kangaroo than a Human. I really don't like human bashers or their philosophy. That is, humans are the root of all evil. Sure we're not perfect and we've fucked up, but get a grip - YOU ARE A HUMAN, deal with it. She also made a suggestion about couples only being allowed to have one child. I went off my brain, referring to China's "one child policy" she claimed it was only a joke, but if I hadn't gone off my brain, I'm not so sure she wouldn't have stood by her comment. The aforementioned "woman" (if that's what you can call her, she's more like a child, she plays cute little video games and collects the toys from those stupid chocolate eggs), is quite simply one of THE most annoying people I have ever met. Instead of growing up, she is constantly talking about her lack of trust for people, boys/men in particular. "Once you've been screwed over so many times, you have a tendency not to trust people". I can see where the heart of her problem lies. The first is her appearance. Like I have said before, unfortunately we are judged by first impressions and appearances. This "woman" is around 6 foot tall - with a hunch. She has tiny thin arms - not deformed or smaller than usual but they look out of place, the rest of her body is huge, she looks like a T-Rex. Looking like this, it is not hard to see that she has probably had a rough time of things throughout life. She probably relates better to animals than human beings. My main problem with human basher is her attitude. She complains that people don't like her and people aren't getting along on our floor as well as they should be. My little bit of advice to all you human bashers that aren't making friends so easy. STOP BASHING HUMANS and stop being negative. You'll catch more flies with honey. Almost everyone you meet is going to be human, therefore, if you engage in human bashing, you are bashing them. These people are going to be defensive of their species and you arguing that humans are crap and bringing up little tid-bits of information about strange and unusual creatures to prove your point is going to annoy the hell out of everyone in the vicinity. Phew, I'm glad that's off my chest.

Monday, June 14, 2004

wiggidy wak y'all. Time to update on recent events and perhaps gain some further insight into Steve...
Studying... I have been taking the path of least resistance, that is not studying, much. Today I started doing some readings and a summary, but there's been nothing substantial.

Friends and social-life... Had a talk to Dronny, cheers Dron, hopefully I was able to excercise some amount of damage control, I hope you do ok for yourself. Count down to Stovichnya's b'day, that is shaping up to be a blast. Unfortunately I am going to miss Hocks' b'day bash, but I know we can get bloind when I'm in Dubbo next, so I think, all immediate dissapointments aside, we can have a fantabulous time and have more of a "birthday period". I like to think of it as a time where all my close friends can celebrate their birthday and good company, regardless of the date on which they were actually born. Moving on to my current location... my college. All seems to be getting very tense here, I am trying to remain blissfully unaware, but, of course I am going to be dragged into some sort of dispute/misunderstanding eventually.

Health & Fitness... I have a new nickname at the "Heavy weights training club", it is "King of the Gym". I only heard about it today but all the senior members, impressed with my effort, determination and results have awarded me this special title. Of course, I'm still quite a bit behind (in the relative weight I can move), the more senior members, but I'm fast catching up to those slower to improve. Apparently I have an outstanding power/weight ratio, I have the makings of an olympic gymnast (well at least the body type). Of course I'm mighty pleased in this area of my life.

With all these things going on, it's been hard to get going on the most important update of all... The release of Steve v2.3! it's been a long time coming, but I'm here finally! I will include a list of updates next entry and it will be released to the wider public on June 26th/27th. Look out!

Saturday, June 12, 2004

My perceptions of certain people, in the past few weeks, have been completely turned upside down. Some of the things these people have done are way outside my personal experience. Maybe it's because I'm from the country, but I imagine it would be surprising none the less. Really it just goes to show, you can't judge a book by its cover.
Anyway, I went out for a few ciders at an Irish pub. There wasn't much in the way of fun, or conversations I wanted to be involved in, so I got to thinking. I thought about how different the pub would be if my "old school" hombres were there. For starters, I'd probably be having alot more fun. Secondly I would have been way bloinder.
I got home and watched "triple x" I wrote it like that, so none of you (not that there's that many reading) would confuse it with porn. When "xXx" says "I live for this shit", I got really sentimental about my friends, especially Vk. The great times we had inflicting bodily harm on each other. Here, if you cut yourself with a straw, or get excited when you bleed (or "winning" as that's refered to amongst my friends), you get looks of shun and people just turn up their noses or snarl and wonder what's wrong with you. Part of the fact why I'm so "inimidating" here is the simple reason that I really couldn't give a shit either way what people think about me. This drastically cuts down the number of acquaintances you have. For instance... My best friend at college has a girlfriend. I have been told on numerous occasions that this girl thinks that I either a)hate her or b) at the very least really don't like her. Now both these accusations are false, I don't hate her, but I really couldn't care less what she's doing, I'm not interested in her personality (from what I've gathered, and first impressions are a what we are judged on, unfortunately for some) or what she's doing in life. Now I can probably see where she's coming from, but so what? I was told a story, by a friend at college, that this particular girl was complaining that at a bar night, I "didn't invite her to sit down", oh dear! Well if you're waiting to get invited to do things all your life, you'll be waiting a very long time for most things. Now after that short rant, back to my original train of thought, acquaintances, not many of them. I don't know what it is about my particular experiences, but I find acquaintances only useful if they have something of value to offer me. Those who want to be my acquaintances, are unfortunately, often used and discarded. I simply refuse to pander to the needs of 7 billion people I don't know. I'll show them respect and courtesy, but I'm not going to make an effort to be your friend, just because you're there. If I like what I see in terms of your personality (ie: if you look like you'd be fun to be around) then I'll make a serious effort at getting to know you. This is why my friendships, in my eyes (of course) are worth more than average.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Yesterday, I became aware of some things which have the potential to act as a catalyst for the growth of my ego. Fortunately, I realise that despite being a kickass program (Steve v2.1), I have limitations and these are built into the programming code. Subtle flattery, however, is the greatest weapon in the battle to become well-liked. Anyway, moving away from that little insight, let me recount the events of the days past...
Firstly, studying blows way hard and for that matter exams. Learning a whole course in around a week is a feat not to be taken lightly, but the pain and suffering are nothing compared to a "Fail" if you are to perform poorly. So my days have been spent cooped up in a little room, watching transformers, re-vliving my childhood, avoiding the "fail" stigma, by justifying that "if I wanted to" I could perform to a high distinction standard. Well Steve, potential and performing are two completely different things, so pull your socks up.
Anyway, I have been told the funniest story about our quirky friend Jorj. It seems that one day last week my friends were talking about the worst haircut Jorj had ever had. I was mentioned, when with a blunt pair of electronic clippers I attempted to shave Jorj's head. Needless to say, some scalp was lost, pain was caused and a shit haircut was the result. Recounting the tragedy of so many haircuts, it was decided that Jorj should try his hand at a completely new style "of bad". A suggestion by Stov was to shave the lower half of his scalp, leaving patch of hair on top. My imagination, built the following scenario about what happened next. "Dr Phil" was on the TV. My friends were sitting in-front of it and talking about haircuts. Shortly after the suggestion by Stov, Jorj himself suggests that the "Dr Phil" look is for him. The clippers are dusted off and the party of would be barbers ushers Jorj out the back for the birth of the worst haircut in history. Someone, presumably VK, proceeds to shave the top of Jorj's scalp until, the hair left, resembles something similar to Dr Phil's testimony to male pattern baldness. While this is happening my other friends are in fits of hysteric laughter. After it's finished some of my friends fall to the floor unable to stand because of the effort exerted in laughing. After everyone has settled down it is decided that everyone should go to "China" (out local Chinese resteraunt) for a meal. My friends walk to China, but all too soon it becomes painfully obvious that Jorj's haircut is the worst anyone in my town has ever seen. People begin to stare and then make furtive glances, trying not to be seen looking. But as is the way with my town, some belligerent cowboy says in his whiny, yet somehow deep voice "ha ha, nice haircut dickhead". And then my friends and Jorj laugh and walk on towards China. Deep down however, Jorj is very unpleased with his new terrible haircut and over the next few days, wears a cap to hide his now secret hair style.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Went for a $7 steak last night at a local "pub". It's great because you get a raw steak and there is this big BBQ inside and you cook the steak exactly how you like it. I'm a rare man, a bloody dripping slab of meat man. Anyway, however you like it, you can slap a few spices on quickly, then cook them up. Afterwards you can go back to the salad bar for unlimited salad, bread rolls and this pasta dish that tastes absolutely amazing, it has sultanas in it, mmmmmm. I went there with a friend last night, Josh. I was intrigued, however, as to how such a place could still exist in the modern age. I thought the days of cooking your own meal were gone. It's been a long time since I've seen such a "hands on" meal. I love it, definately a new wednesday night ritual for me.